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A selection of what we have in store today. Speak to us about DIY storage supply packages.


Choose from a variety of manufactured tested locks. These heavy duty locks protect from corrosion, extreme temperatures, pricing, picking and key interchange.

Packing Tapes

We suggest 50mm heavy duty pressure tested acrylic packing tape for storage boxes. We stock acrylic adhesive that can handle a variety of temperatures and maintain its seal.

Acid-free White Tissue

Use to neatly wrap scratchable and breakable items. Won’t leave black marks on items or hands like newspaper. A clean low-cost alternative for void fill, wrapping lightweight items or using as interleaving. Stocked in 2 weights.


You would be surprised how many people ask for marker pens so we decided to stock them (because someone has usually packed the TEXTAS or inevitably they dry out). We  stock colours great for touching up furniture grazes.

Polyurethane Furniture Covers & Mattress Bags

Low density polyurethane sheets and bags – useful as a vapor barrier, to minimize marks and abrasion to furniture. A saviour for expensive pillow top mattresses. Available in a range of sizes and lengths.

Bubble Wrap

Use to wrap fragile items. Efficient, economical, and versatile. Ideal for fragile or heavy items like electronics, artwork, plates, glasses and flat screen TV’s.

Packing Peanuts

Interlocking peanuts are a warehouse favourite – best for fragile items to fill box voids. Surrounds entire product for total protection. Interlocking – Peanuts prevent “settling.”

Tape Dispensers

Most people want to keep their lips and teeth in tact. Using a tape dispenser speeds up the box making process. It also provides tension during the taping application. We only stock the best in pistle handle dispensers.

Corrugated Wrap

Perfect solution for wrapping transiting furniture and irregular items. 1.5 metre wide. Sold by the roll or metre.

Boxes, Wine Cartons, Wardrobe and More

An extensive selection of 2 and 3 ply new and refreshed cartons for

  • Books
  • Appliances
  • Wardrobes
  • Art / Mirror
  • Fine China
  • Bulky / Odd sized items
  • Linen
  • Archive