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8 Tips to Organise Your Self Storage

The way to organise your self storage space is a bit like playing Tetris. If you have used a removalist you realise the value of using all the available space on a truck and how good packing maximises your moving dollar. We have spent many years helping our customers choose the best size self storage space for their needs and get the most out of self storage. Follow these 8 tips to organise your self storage space like a professional.

1. Organise By Group

Whatever is being stored it is best to organise by group. Pack all the same things together that are from the same room in your house. For instance, books from the home office, linens and bedding from the bedroom, saucepans from the kitchen.

2. Use Uniform Boxes

Using just two types of boxes will maximise your self storage space and keep it well organised. Boxes that are uniform in size will pack effortlessly together and stack to maximise the full height of the space. We suggest using standard removalist boxes, tea chest and book box.

3. Pack Neat And Tidy

This is a key tip to organise your self storage space. Put the taller and heavier items in the space first. Next, pack boxes with the heaviest items at the bottom. Put boxes containing lighter and fragile items on top of the boxes containing bulky items.  Remember to use crushed white paper or newspaper to fill the corners and top of the box so that stacked boxes don’t collapse.

4. Label Boxes

Everyone has their own system to organise and label boxes but we have found writing both the Room Location and the Box Contents on two sides of the box, rather than just on the top of the box, a preferred system. For example, dining room – dinner set

5. Store In Plastic

To keep your mattress and soft upholstered furnishings free from dust and add greater protection use plastic furniture covers.

6. Leave Space

It is best to leave a few inches from the walls of your self storage unit for ventilation. If you can manage to leave a walk space if will enable you to access what you need much easier than having to climb over boxes.

7. Place Frequently Used Items At The Front

Place the things you will need more frequently at the front of your self storage space. Items such as recent tax records and medical documents, labeled in the one box, can be easily found.

8. Make A Floorplan or List

If you don’t access your self storage space on a regular basis it is easy to forget what was packed and where. A quick floorplan or list will provide you with a guide for those items not so easy to see. Attach a copy to the box closes to the front so you always have it on hand.

Need help in deciding what size space is best for your self storage needs? Need moving boxes and packaging supplies? Contact Tankar Self Storage Centre for your storage solutions.



Choose from a variety of manufactured tested locks. These heavy duty locks protect from corrosion, extreme temperatures, pricing, picking and key interchange.

Packing Tapes

We suggest 50mm heavy duty pressure tested acrylic packing tape for storage boxes. We stock acrylic adhesive that can handle a variety of temperatures and maintain its seal.

Acid-free White Tissue

Use to neatly wrap scratchable and breakable items. Won’t leave black marks on items or hands like newspaper. A clean low-cost alternative for void fill, wrapping lightweight items or using as interleaving. Stocked in 2 weights.


You would be surprised how many people ask for marker pens so we decided to stock them (because someone has usually packed the TEXTAS or inevitably they dry out). We  stock colours great for touching up furniture grazes.

Polyurethane Furniture Covers & Mattress Bags

Low density polyurethane sheets and bags – useful as a vapor barrier, to minimize marks and abrasion to furniture. A saviour for expensive pillow top mattresses. Available in a range of sizes and lengths.

Bubble Wrap

Use to wrap fragile items. Efficient, economical, and versatile. Ideal for fragile or heavy items like electronics, artwork, plates, glasses and flat screen TV’s.

Packing Peanuts

Interlocking peanuts are a warehouse favourite – best for fragile items to fill box voids. Surrounds entire product for total protection. Interlocking – Peanuts prevent “settling.”

Tape Dispensers

Most people want to keep their lips and teeth in tact. Using a tape dispenser speeds up the box making process. It also provides tension during the taping application. We only stock the best in pistle handle dispensers.

Corrugated Wrap

Perfect solution for wrapping transiting furniture and irregular items. 1.5 metre wide. Sold by the roll or metre.