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Q: How do I decide how much space I need?
A: We measure space in cubic meters. To give you a visual – place 4 dining chairs back to back. That’s approximately 1 cubic square. Our space starts at 25.5m3. The height of all our units for safe stacked packing is 2.7m.
Q: How do I book my storage space?
A: Simply call us or you can visit our office Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm and choose a location, you sign a contract and start moving in.

Q: How far in advance can I book a storage space?
A: You may reserve the storage space 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

Q: What is the minimum or maximum period of storage?
A: We offer a very flexible period of storage with the minimum being 1 month.

Q: When can I access my storage space?
A: You can access your storage space from dawn to dusk 7 days a week, all year round.

Q: Can additional person have access to my space?
A: Yes, and you would have to authorize the registration of the additional person and agree to advise them of the access procedure.

Q: Is Tankar a secured facility?
A: Tankar facilities are equipped with security features like surveillance and perimeter fencing around the centre, personalised security access and security patrols. We recommend using a high quality barrel padlock of your choice.

Q: Is there any insurance coverage for my items?
A: We recommend you notify your insurance company you are storing at Tankar Storage. We can also make suggestions for insurance options. Our insurance coverage is limited to our building it does not cover our clients contents.

Q: What are the payment modes?
A: Payment can be made via EFT, we accept payments via VISA and MasterCard, Cash and Cheque.

Q: Will I be receiving an invoice to inform me of due rental?
A: Yes. Invoices sent out 7 days before the due date through the post or email. Payments must be kept one month in advance to avoid a late fee applicable after due date.

Q: What documentation must I show for registration
A: We need to see your identification, current driver’s license to confirm address. It’s also helpful to have the identification for an alternative contact person.
Q: I have a delivery of a parcel or bulky items, I can’t be there at Tankar to receive it. How can you help?
A: Please contact our office for any deliveries. We will manage receipt and agree with you the storage and access procedure. Out of hours delivery management will attract a fee.
Q: Do you have trolleys to assist me in moving my items into storage space?
A: Trolleys are available yet rarely needed at Tankar because all storages spaces provide drive up access.

Q: Does Tankar provide moving and packing services?
A: We do not provide moving and packing service. We can provide you with movers’ contact for reference.

Q: What am I prohibited to store?
A: Paint, flammable gases and liquids, stolen goods, illegal substances, perishables such as live animals, food and plants, tyres, car wrecks and unregistered cars. For safety Tankar is a smoke free facility
Q: What do I need and where to get them?

  • Determining the packing-box sizes and other materials you need
  • A full range of materials for purchase is available at the reception office

Q: Why do I need to label my boxes?

  • Label your boxes and keep a record of inventory within each box
  • This helps you to locate them easily when they are needed. It’s amazing what you go looking for and what you forget

Q: How do I ensure easy retrieval and good ventilation?

  • Leave space around perimeter of room to aid ventilation
  • Leave a walkway to the rear of storage room for easy access
  • Place frequently used items nearer door for easy access
Q: How do I pack them?

For Furniture:

  • Place corrugated board or mat on floor for sofas and mattresses (these should be standing on end)
  • Disassemble beds and tables; wrap table legs in paper
  • Place tabletop side down when it cannot be disassembled
  • Place lightweight chairs stacked ‘seat-to-seat’
  • Keep upholstery off the floor
  • Protect furniture with dust cover. Storing boxes etc on sofas will dent and imprint the cushions

For Appliances:

  • Refrigerators, freezes and washing machines should be thoroughly dry and stored with doors slightly ajar
  • All cooking equipment should be thoroughly cleaned
  • Protect appliances with stretch films

For Dish & Glassware:

  • Tightly and individually bubble-wrap all glassware
  • Leave no loose space in between or around box
  • Do not place heavy items on these boxes
Q: How do I pack them?

For Documents:

  • Pack files, records and documents flat down to protect spines
  • Filled empty spaces in box with packing materials
  • Do not over load; separate books from files and documents
  • Ask us about our racking for achives

For Metal Items:

  • Clean all metal equipment with a drop of machine oil to retard rusting
  • Protect appliances with stretch films

For Electrical Items:

  • Ensure all equipment are clean and dry
  • Equipment with doors should be kept slightly ajar