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Self Storage and the Future of Walk-in Wardrobes

July 22nd, 2019

We love the idea of seasonal wardrobes, but having them in different countries or states well that’s sheer decadence of the most fabulous kind. And we are not talking about your old gear that still hangs in your childhood bedroom and only makes a comeback during a home visit.

We have had enough requests from Australians living abroad and city¬†dwellers with a chic country pad for ‘a small space to hang their transit wardrobe’ that we thought it was time to act and follow the lead of one of our self storage clients.

A couple of years ago, a global nomad and long term storer, insisted on redecorating his self storage space (which incidentally he has three – for excess cars, tired-of-at-the-moment furniture and more) into a luxury walk-in robe for his winter and rotating shirt collection. The amused vendors of this fine storage solution must have told a few of their clients and other best dressed, because over the past seven months we have retro-fitted five small self storage spaces into dust free camphor infused walk-in wardrobes, complete with full length mirror.

As tiny houses and small foot-print living surges, the idea could be taking off as a way to still live large with the things you love. Consider us your home away from home for your clothes and a another way self storage can help simplify your life.