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3 Storage Solutions Everyone Needs To Know

April 20th, 2017

Do you want to be better organised? Like to have things close by? You can have both by renting a self storage space at Tankar Self Storage Centre in Mittagong. Here are three storage solutions to a least feel like you are in control.

  1. Use space smartly. Even hidden spaces can provide useable storage. Think like a seasoned traveller roll socks in boots, wrap breakables around t-shirts, place heaviest things at the bottom. Use vacuum sealed bags in boxes to reduce the volume of clothes, linens and decorative cushions. You will be amazed with how much extra space you save.
  2. Create a place for everything. Just like the ‘drop zone’ for keys, phone, wallet and sunglasses by the front door at home, store like items with each other. This makes unpacking so much easier. Use zip lock bags to contain the small items like batteries, coins and tech accessories and remember to label.
  3. Only store what you like. Sounds simple but storage can get expensive. Month to month out of sight and out of mind. Edit first then sell, donate or give away the things that you would not like to open as a gift. You will be happier with the surprise when you unpack!

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